Damn it! We wanted love, we needed love, but what did we get? a bunch of fat or borderline psycho wart crazy group of individuals. Catfish, the show that has nothing to do with how to catch one or how to cook it to perfection reminds us how desperate we are to find love. We’ve all been there at one point right? desperate, needy in search of something better yet someone to reach out to and release all of our inner desires that burn from within, including the tip. Not only does this show, show us the dark side of lust it makes us think about how much we are willing to give and do for love, even if it means pretending to be Bow Wow. At first I thought my TiVo was off; “Catfish, the hell this is doing on mtv? shouldn’t it be on the food network?” but I must say I was not surprised at all. I mean it’s MTV after all, where in the name says music but instead gives you pregnant teens. So, I guess you could say the root to all this, what the real ripoff of the 21st century has been really nothing but MTV….and oh yeah Bernie MadOFF